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Question   Beautiful Images!
Hi Agnes,

Your entry in this month's contest got my attention, which led me here :) Your images are beautiful, and I like your sense of whimsy in naming the photos. I'll be sure to check back often to see your new creations.

Carol Flisak

- Carol Flisak April 07, 2010

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Question   Wonderful Gallery!
Thanks for the invite, Agnes! Somehow, I very seldom think to click on these. I came to see the wedding photos - an absolute treat!, by the way - but browsed while I was here. Just fantastic! (Wish our other galleries could do a slide show.. then, they would be a lot more expensive, I imagine.)

Again, best of luck to the newlyweds! The wedding shots brought back so much to me, from childhood... well done and really beautiful!

- Nadya Johnson October 11, 2009

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Question   Beautiful site!
HI Agnes! What a wonderful site & glad you took your daughter's advice :-) ! I'm a BP member & seems to me you are located right around my home town...Bay Shore. You say Sunken Meadows is close to you. I visit LI every chance I get! If you ever get a chance to stop by Charlie's Hot Dogs, tell my cousin Jeanne Jane says Hi! :-) Lots of Luck to You!

- Jane Summa September 28, 2007

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Question   New Gallery
Wow - lovely website, especially the name. I love the shoutout...Can't wait to see all the pics.
Love Bean

-  August 24, 2007

  Answer Hi Bean,
You're my first visitor :)

- Agnes Fegan  August 24, 2007

  Answer Hi Agnes! I love your gallery here! Was just looking at your BP Finalist and they are soooo pretty. Would love to know the effects used on a couple, will email you later

Again, what a job to browse, I know I will learn a lot from you just by observing!

- JO ANN CLEVELAND  September 10, 2008

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